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Time to Face the Facts – What You Should Know About Indoor Air Quality

The bottom line about indoor air quality is that whet you don’t know can hurt you. As a Big Bear homeowner, your to-do list is probably a long one. However, this does not mean that you should ignore the fact that you need to get proactive about improving the quality of air that you and…

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How To Prevent Plumbing Problems In Your Big Bear Lake Vacation Home

Little do homeowners know that a house some special attention for the plumbing system if it is going to sit empty for any length of time. Unfortunately, plumbing problems can arise if it sits without being used. If you’re not home to have it fixed, the consequences can be significant. Don’t turn off the water supply…

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Getting A Heating Tune-Up Before Winter

With fall officially here, there a large number of fun things for you and your family to be doing. With so much going on with the quick approach of the holidays and all, it can be easy to lose sight of some of the other important things you need to get done before the onset…

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Why You Should Conduct an AC Tune-Up Before the Big Bear Lake Summer

Although it may seem premature to start thinking about your air conditioner, now is the perfect time to begin planning for your summer comfort needs. As your air conditioner has been dormant for the last few months, chances are that minor issues have developed with your system. One of the best things you can do…

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What You Should Know About Big Bear Lake Kitchen Plumbing

Your Big Bear Lake kitchen is one of the main focal points of your home and so it only makes sense that the plumbing that goes into it is room is very important. Kitchens have become the central gathering place for families to catch up and talk about their day. It’s a place to grab…

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Saving Your Water Heater: Repairs to the Plumbing that are Cost Effective in Big Bear Lake

We often do not think about our Big Bear Lake water heaters until something goes wrong with them and they need repaired. Most of us do not even do anything about them even when they do need repairs as that often ends up in a replacement. Repairs and maintenance can preserve a water tank as…

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Heating Thermostat in San Bernadino Valley Mysteriously Adjusts Itself Upward!

There was this home where try as he might, the dad could not keep the thermostat from inching its way up to a hotter setting. This San Bernardino Valley heater was so warm, it worked perfectly, didn’t need heating repairs, and created tons of heat for the happy family that lived within. In fact, it was…

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The Most Common Big Bear City Bathroom Plumbing Issues

The bathroom in your home should be a relaxing place where you can complete your morning routine in peace. However, all too often, your Big Bear City bathroom does not function the way it should. Most of the time, the cause of these malfunctions is your bathroom plumbing. When plumbing fixtures start to fail, pipes…

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How to Tell if You Need Your Big Bear Furnace Replaced

In order for them to run efficiently and have the least problems possible, furnaces require maintenance almost constantly. Most homeowners wait until they’ve noticed a big problem before calling in a professional, which makes it difficult to keep up with the necessary maintenance. Regular furnace inspections and tune-ups should be performed by a professional at…

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How to Have the Most Efficient Big Bear Air Conditioner

When the summer months start to move in, making sure your air conditioning system is in excellent condition should be a priority. If your Big Bear air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, your cooling costs will be much higher than they need to be. Cooling your home is a huge percentage of your energy costs during…

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