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Bear Lake Plumbing & Heating has been serving the Big Bear area for more than twenty years. Our flawless reputation is built on our dedication to providing our customers with the most professional service and quality workmanship available. Our Big Bear air conditioning repair professionals are all trained, and highly experienced, so we can guarantee excellence at every single job we take.

Air Conditioning Installation

Big Bear air conditioning installation
Our professional Big Bear air conditioning installation experts specialize in custom AC installations for all types and models. Whether you have a new construction project or you’re updating your old air conditioner, we can make sure the installation is done professionally and exceptionally well. All of our plumbers and HVAC contractors are professionally trained, and extensively experienced, so we can confidently guarantee your satisfaction with all of the services we provide.Read More

Air Conditioning Repair

air conditioning repairs Big Bear
Air conditioners are frequently neglected by homeowners, and they won’t often receive repairs or maintenance until homeowners notice huge problems or the AC stops working completely. By that time, the repairs you’ll need are going to be complex and expensive. The earlier you can catch the problems, the better it’ll be for you. It won’t just save you money on those repairs, but also on your energy costs. And if you wait until more serious repairs occur, be ready for them to happen when your AC is running the most, in the hottest parts of the year, leaving you in an emergency situation.Read More

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Big Bear air conditioning tune-up
Some homeowners simply don’t have AC tune-ups performed very frequently, but they’re one of the most beneficial things you can do to your home. In fact, our Big Bear air conditioning tune-up specialists recommend at least inspection/tune-up every year. Air conditioning tune-ups can help you in lots of different ways.Read More

Emergency AC Service

emergency AC repair Big Bear
Your air conditioner can break down at any time, for nearly any reason. And when it does, you can bet that it will happen during extreme temperatures and outside of normal business hours. Keeping your home as cool as possible during the summer months is extremely important, not just for your comfort, but often for your safety. That’s why we provide Big Bear emergency AC services 24/7. Call us at any time, day or night, and we’ll be ready to get your air conditioner back into excellent condition.Read More

If you are looking for a Big Bear air conditioning contractor, please call 909-584-4376 or complete our online request form.

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